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Top Tips When Buying Auto Parts

Purchasing auto parts can be a taxing affair. More often than not, people will buy dysfunctional or wrong parts. Read this guide for some tips on how to purchase auto parts for your vehicle. Your needs will determine the type of auto parts you should purchase. OEM parts are recommended for regular car servicing and maintenance. Aftermarket parts are ideal for people t

Three Odours From Your Vehicle Indicative Of The Need For Car Servicing

The typical odour that motorists associate with owning a vehicle, and will never be worried about, is the new car smell. But this scent only lasts for a time. The longer you own your car, you likely will come across a variety of other odours. While some smells may be innocuous, others could be a system of something critically wrong with your vehicle. Ignoring these od

Troubleshooting Guide To Determining The Cause Of Auto Electrical Failure

Whether you have the latest luxury brand car or a regular, average priced vehicle, one thing that you are bound to experience issues with is the auto electrical system. This system is quite intricate, as it comprises a multitude of components. So when a problem crops up, it may seem intimidating to try to diagnose what the underlying issue is with this complex system.

A Guide On Hiring Mine Spec Vehicles

Do you work in a mine? You may have a problem accessing the mine using your standard vehicle. Mine spec vehicles are advanced 4WD vehicles designed to handle severe off-road conditions. Below is a step by step guide on how to hire a mine spec vehicle. Vehicle Specifications The conditions in your mine will determine what kind of vehicle you should hire. For instance,

How Can You Care for Your Automatic Transmission?

If you do most of your driving in an urban environment where you are constantly stopping, starting and changing gears, then you will appreciate the benefits that automatic transmissions can bring. Not only do automatic transmissions save you the bother of using a clutch, but they also make manoeuvres such as hill starts easy and allow you to enjoy the driving experien