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A Guide On Hiring Mine Spec Vehicles

Do you work in a mine? You may have a problem accessing the mine using your standard vehicle. Mine spec vehicles are advanced 4WD vehicles designed to handle severe off-road conditions. Below is a step by step guide on how to hire a mine spec vehicle.

Vehicle Specifications

The conditions in your mine will determine what kind of vehicle you should hire. For instance, if the mine has a rocky terrain, you should choose a vehicle with a high ground clearance or lift kit to prevent the engine and transmission from underneath damage. 

Visit the mine spec vehicle hire company's premises and inspect the condition of the vehicles on hire. You may be lost for choice since they will have high-end customised 4WD vehicles. Conduct some background research to determine which cars can withstand tough terrain. Another of your concerns should be the vehicle's engine capacity. Expect a 4200cc vehicle to consume more fuel than a 3500cc. However, the vehicle with a high engine capacity has more torque. It can, therefore, carry heavy machines such as gold mining equipment, heavy-duty pumps or spare parts for earthmoving equipment without getting stuck. 

Safety Features

The vehicle must the safety requirements required at your mine. For instance, if you work at night, the truck should have warning lights and proper signage. A communication system will allow the driver to communicate with other people in the mine. Emergency equipment such as recovery tracks, fire extinguishers, safety triangles and spare tires are a must-have. Some vehicles may come equipped with a water tank. Roll cages and bull bars will minimise damage and injuries in case of an accident.

Condition of the Vehicle

Test-drive the vehicle to examine its mechanical condition and handling. Watch out for red flags such as a leaking or overheating engine and transmission system. A squeaking suspension should not be a sign of concern. However, it would help if you inspected the suspension for broken springs. The braking, transmission and 4WD systems should be fully functional. Ask the company for the vehicle's service and maintenance records.

Terms of Hire

The mine spec vehicle hire company should have reasonable terms of hire. Consider the following: 

The vehicle should have comprehensive insurance. It helps reduce liability in case of an accident.

Will the company conduct routine repair and maintenance on the hired car?

Check whether there are restrictions on where you should use the vehicle. It is an essential consideration if you have more than one mine.

If you intend to hire the vehicle for an extended period, inquire if the company has a rent-to-own option.

Remember to examine the company's pricing mechanism. They should have reasonable pricing and payment policies.