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Three Signs You May Have an Ailing Car Engine

A car breakdown is never a delightful experience — it usually causes a lot of worry and inconvenience. The fact that it may happen when you're nowhere close to your home or office doesn't help — it only makes an already bad situation worse! In situations where your car hasn't broken down due to an accident, engine failure is often the cause of the problem. The good ne

Critical Areas of Concern During Truck Wheel Alignment

If you have owned a truck for some time and are only hearing about truck wheel alignment now, you need to make a trip to your mechanic's garage and have your wheels checked for alignment. It is especially the case if your truck is always on rough roads. Some of the benefits of tire alignment include better handling, improved tire performance and longer-lasting wheels.

Top Trends to Watch when Shopping for a New Sports Car

If you have been thinking of buying a brand new sports car, the urge to head straight to the dealer's lot can be hard to resist, and this is where most people go wrong. A sports car is a significant investment; therefore, you should take enough time before you make a decision. The last thing you want is to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a sports car that does n

Has Your Catalytic Converter Seen Its Better Days?

Many years ago, when life was simpler and pollution was not such an issue, a typical car exhaust would only need one additional component, the silencer. This would help to cut down on the amount of noise but little else, and byproducts would flow freely into the atmosphere. Today, however, each vehicle has to be fitted with a catalytic converter, and this is intended