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3 Things You Need to Know About Crane Dry Hire

Cranes are a fundamental mechanism for the construction process. They help you lift heavy objects and transfer them from one part of the construction site to another. The cranes also elevate staff, helping them reach areas of the construction they might not have been able to get before. There are two types of crane hiring processes: dry and wet crane hire. Dry hire involves the leasing company brings the crane to your site, but you have to find an operator for yourself. Wet hire lets you get the crane and the operator. Here are things that you need to know about dry hire cranes.

The Process Saves You Money

Cost of the first thing that you should consider when hiring construction equipment. It is advisable to strive and manage the cost of leasing the equipment because it minimises your overall project budget. Once the leasing experts deliver the crane to your site, you get the freedom to choose the operator and how much you will pay them. Therefore, dry hire is more effective than wet hire. 

You Choose Your Operator

The operator determines the efficiency and safety of the crane operation process. When you allow the lending company to handle the hiring process, you will not have to worry about their training, experience and how they work. When you hire your operator, you can check their background, their skill and see them at work before hiring them. If you get a professional to handle it, you will have fewer incidences of operator-caused breakdowns and other hazards. When the operator is a member of your construction team, they may work more smoothly with others. When people operate in unison, the productivity of the construction project improves.

You Control Insurance and Liabilities

Most people like the leasing processes that give them the fewest liabilities. However, this is not always a great thing. Sometimes, it is better to take some of the matters into your hands. For example, when you hire your operator, you can check the state of insurance of the operator and your crane. You will choose the product that works best for you. Dry hire also allows you to get the attachments that you need. 

Dry crane hire is one of the best ways to manage your construction project. However, you also need to ensure you have a professional operator for the crane. With this arrangement, your project will run faster, efficiently and more productively.