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How Can You Care for Your Automatic Transmission?

If you do most of your driving in an urban environment where you are constantly stopping, starting and changing gears, then you will appreciate the benefits that automatic transmissions can bring. Not only do automatic transmissions save you the bother of using a clutch, but they also make manoeuvres such as hill starts easy and allow you to enjoy the driving experience without constant arm movement.

The lower maintenance option

A further advantage of automatic transmissions is that, compared to manual transmissions, they require little maintenance. While a manual transmission needs to be checked as standard during your car's regular service, that is not the case with an automatic transmission. While regular servicing may not be a necessity, that doesn't mean that they are maintenance-free. Most manufacturers will tell you automatic transmissions do not need any regular service or a fluid change, but while that may be the official position, it isn't entirely accurate. Once many cars with automatic transmissions have covered around 150,000 km, there can often be the start of transmission-related problems. If you don't want to reach the point where shifting gears is not as smooth as it should be or you are even experiencing more serious transmission problems where the car doesn't move even though the engine revs then planning a transmission service is a great idea.

Planning to service your transmission

Scheduling a regular service can help stop automatic transmissions from deteriorating and avoid leaving you with the cost of replacing a faulty transmission. One of the most simple maintenance tasks that can be done on an automatic transmission is replacing the fluid. It is often true that changing the fluid can greatly improve the transmission's overall performance, even if it has begun to show signs of serious failure. Flushing the transmission fluid will be only a fraction of the cost of replacing a full transmission, so it is always worth attempting this even if you are experiencing transmission issues. It is certain to greatly increase the life of the transmission.

Do you have a CVT?

Manual and automatic transmissions are not the only types of transmission available. If you are in possession of a CVT transmission on your vehicle, then you can benefit from the perfect amount of power for whatever driving conditions you may face, but you could also be faced with an expensive repair if your transmission fails. While manufacturers may indicate that the transmission fluid should be a lifetime fluid, a CVT can still benefit from having the fluid changed.