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Two factors that affect how much cash people receive when they sell their cars to auto-wreckers

Whilst some auto wrecking facilities that have a 'cash for cars' policy will offer their customers a fixed payment when they bring in their defective vehicles, others offer different amounts to different customers. In the case of the latter, the figure the auto wrecker will offer a customer will depend on several factors. Here are a couple of the things that auto wrecking facility owners take into consideration when deciding how much money they will pay for a car.

How rare the vehicle is

If a person brings a vehicle to an auto wrecking facility, they may receive quite a substantial amount of cash for it if the vehicle is quite rare. The reason for this is that when an auto wrecking facility obtains a vehicle that is unusual and then removes and refurbishes its operative parts, these parts can end up being fairly valuable and can attract the attention of people who like to fix up rare vehicles.

Because it can be hard for individuals who have this hobby to source components they need for the unusual vehicles they are working on, they will usually seize the opportunity to buy ones that they come across in auto wrecking yards that are in good, refurbished condition. As such, even if a person brings a defective vehicle that looks quite battered into an auto wrecking facility, they could still receive a surprisingly big sum for this item if it is a car that is rarely seen on the roads today.

The condition of the parts that are most likely to be sold on and reused

One common myth about auto wrecking facilities is that they will pay out higher sums of money for defective vehicles that are cosmetically perfect and that have clean, shiny paintwork and spotless interiors. In reality, most auto wreckers could not care less about the superficial appearance of a vehicle and are more likely to offer big sums of money to people who have cars that, even though they may look terrible, have internal components that are both useful and in prime condition.

Components like this that require very little refurbishment and that are likely to be snatched up by an auto wrecker's customers within days of being put on sale (because of their usefulness or versatility), make a car far more attractive to owners of these facilities and will result in them being happy to offer a generous sum in exchange for the vehicle in which they come.

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