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Top Trends to Watch when Shopping for a New Sports Car

If you have been thinking of buying a brand new sports car, the urge to head straight to the dealer's lot can be hard to resist, and this is where most people go wrong. A sports car is a significant investment; therefore, you should take enough time before you make a decision. The last thing you want is to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a sports car that does not satisfy your needs and demands. Advancements in technology have made things much more challenging for consumers, with manufacturers churning out cars with surprising capabilities. What should you look for in a new sports car? Read on for key trends to pay attention to when shopping for a sports car. 

Spacious Trunk — If you do your research on the design of sports cars, you will notice a common trend: limited trunk size. This can be attributed to the fact that sports cars are not designed for long-distance travel; hence, owners do not use the trunk as much. Over the years, designers have continued to put more effort into performance and less into trunk size. However, that is changing because sports car designers are making more room for the trunk. They have realized that improved performance allows sports cars to travel long distances; therefore, consumers could use a relatively spacious trunk space.

Magnetic Dampers — When driving, the uneven grounds cause the wheel to bounce up and down; consequently, it causes the whole vehicle to bounce the same way. That is the reason dampers are installed on the axle, and the pistons sealed inside them assist in absorbing and dissipating the unwanted movement for a smooth ride. However, standard dampers are passive and not entirely efficient enough for the demands of a sports car. Magnetic dampers, on the other hand, are adaptive shock absorbers since they allow the driver to change the car's character at the touch of a button. For instance, you can choose from a supple and luxurious feel to a firm and sporty experience just by turning on or shutting off the electromagnet. Therefore, you stand a higher chance of getting the most enjoyable experience from your sports car with magnetic dampers. 

Anti-Roll Bars — As their name suggests, anti-roll bars prevent a sports car from rolling out when taking corners at spectacular speeds. The sway bars are particularly adored by people that do not mind taking their new sports cars out for a competitive day on the track. When shopping for a new sports car, therefore, look for a U-shaped cylindrical metal bar connecting the ends of the left and the right axles. As your new sports car takes a corner, the anti-roll bar resists the twisting and torsion of the motion, thus eliminating roll effects.

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